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Secure Shred Inc. is a records management company offering a complete range of record management services, such as Archiving, Storage, Retrieval and Destruction, of both paper and digital records, which began managing confidential records in 2002. We currently manage many thousands of boxes of records for over 200 clients, including many leading international banks, auditing and legal firms. We have the highest commitment to security and service and would be happy to provide you with references as required.
Facility Features

• 320,000 Cubic Ft. windowless, cement and steel building

Disaster Prevention

• Strict no smoking policy
• Fire extinguishers and fire hoses strategically placed throughout facility
• No electrical lighting in storage archive
• Remotely monitored 24/7/365 smoke and unauthorised entry sensors throughout facility
• Annual inspection by Royal Barbados Fire Service
• Building located hundreds of feet above sea level
• Building located away from airport and out of flight paths
• Backup power generator

Entry Control

• Employees only policy, unless visitors are on an accompanied tour
• Man trap, with video intercom on outer solid metal door
• Digital color camera positioned to record all entrants


• Background checks (updated annually) provided by Royal Barbados Police Force which issues a Police Certificate of Character
• Bonded and registered with Ministry of Defence and Security
• Color digital video cameras throughout facility
• Uniformed with picture ID
• All employees must sign confidentiality agreements

Rodent Control

• Ongoing rodent control provided under contract by a leading pest control company


• Backup power generator capable of maintaining electrical supply to office and vault operations
• We utilise the latest in bar-coding and records management software provided DHS Associates
• Company owned and operate vehicle fleet to ensure that
there is no break in the chain of custody and redundancy should one or two vehicles fail
• All steel purpose built racking system
• All vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems

Vital Records Storage – vault

• Environmentally controlled to media specifications
• Electronically monitored for temperature and humidity
(alarm sent to cell phones and desk PCs)
• Automatic fire suppression
• Electronic access
• All media stored and transported in purpose built data storage cases
• Retrievals possible 24/7/365


• Archive storage
• Secure destruction
• Document collection
• Document scanning
• File retrieval 24/7/365
• File collection
• Box and file indexing to customer specifications
• Repackaging
• Box sales
• Inventory reports
• Fax and copier available to clients
• Private viewing room
• Client access to their inventory through our Web Interface