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Main Benefits
In addition to our records management services we also offer record destruction of both paper and digital material as a separate service.Our Office Console Service is designed to be used to supplement or as a replacement to your office shredder, while our Cleanout Console Service is used to destroy documents that you might have accumulated over a period of time.
When you take into consideration your hidden costs associated with shredding in-house such as, employee time, electricity, equipment purchase and maintenance, you will find that Secure Shred is the less expensive option.

The shredded materials from an office shredder are relatively easy to put back together. There is even a service available that electronically scans shreds for the purpose of reconstructing documents. If your shreds are simply thrown on the office trash, all you have done is shown exactly what papers you found valuable.

Secure Shred employs a grinder, with a shredding capacity of 2,000 Lbs per hour. We shred massive volumes of material, which during the process is commingled with materials from scores of other businesses. As a result, it is virtually impossible to reconstruct any single document.

Convenience equals compliance:

In most offices, employees are already overwhelmed with work. It is not realistic to expect that a busy employee is going to faithfully go through the time-consuming inconvenience of laboriously putting everything they should destroy through a slow office shredder. The result is either that confidential material is discarded into the trash or stored unnecessarily.


Secure Shred will work with you to place secure, locked containers throughout the facilities, into which employees can simply deposit confidential documents, without the hassle of removing any bindings, including paper clips or staples.

Certified Destruction:

In the event of a privacy violation, complaint or audit, it is very likely that your firm will be asked to verify its compliance to data protection regulations. Destroying documents yourself provides you with no verifiable record of ongoing regulatory compliance.

Secure Shred provides you with an audit trail, and on request, a certificate of destruction.

Environmentally Sound:

All of the shredded material that we produce is either recycled or reused.


Myth: "We do not have enough material to warrant a shredding service."

Truth: An office with only a few employees can generate over 100 pounds of paper every month. If your employees are not spending hours standing over their office shredder every month, you are either storing many more documents than you need to or those documents are not being securely destroyed. Both of these situations can lead to serious problems.